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Data Recovery Services

Following your free phone consultation and comprehensive evaluation (including Verifile Online Data Reports, which lists all your recoverable files), you select from a variety of service methods and service levels:

Service Methods

Remote Recovery

In-Lab Recovery


Data recovery performed remotely through secure modem or internet in as little as one hour.

Service provided to every city and country in the world; no need to ship equipment anywhere. View Demo

Data recovery performed in secure Kroll Ontrack clean room labs (designed for opening hard drives and other devices) in as little as 24 hours

Cost effective solution for complex and extreme situations where hardware is not functioning properly or is damaged (unusual noises, grinding, blank screen, etc.)

Data recovery service for your proprietary and/or highly complex systems.

Our R&D team works with your developers or IT staff to create customized recovery tools to extract your lost data.

Kroll Ontrack is the only data recovery provider that offers custom-designed recovery solutions for proprietary systems.

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24x7 weekends & weekdays

24x7 weekends & weekdays

8am to 5pm Central Time weekends

7am to 7pm Central Time weekdays

7am to 7pm Central Time weekdays

Our highly trained engineers travel to your location anywhere to perform recovery services.

Ontrack Data Recovery Engineers will work around the clock, non-stop for a quick and complete data recovery solution.

If the job is not completed during the week days, our expert engineers will continue to work on Saturday and Sunday to ensure a timely recovery.

Ontrack Data Recovery Engineers work on the data recovery job during normal business hours until the recovery process is complete. This moves the job ahead of standard jobs during every step of the recovery process and typically cuts recovery time in half.

A team of engineers works on the data recovery job during normal business hours.

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Or, contact Ontrack directly at 1-800-872-2599 and mention Partner ID#: 2375865.

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