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About Us

Bentley Retail Systems has been providing quality Point of Sale hardware, supplies & service in the Greater Toronto Area since our founding in 1985. We were one of the first suppliers of an integrated point of sale software program in the Canadian marketplace. $upertill was the name of our initial offering and it was originally written to run on the IBM PCjr! The program continued to grow over the years as hardware improved and clients demanded more functionality.

Our business focus changed with the times until today Bentley Retail Systems primarily provides supplies and hardware to Canadian retailers.

About the Company Owner
Paul Senkowski has operated Bentley Retail Systems since 1985. After learning how to program computers at the University of Waterloo, he used this knowledge to write his flagship product: the $upertill Point of Sale System. In use continuously since that day, $upertill is in use in stores right across Canada and the northern United States.

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