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will the
shipping cost me?


It depends...

We sell a wide variety of items that come from a wide range of suppliers across North America.

  • What you ordered,
  • Where THEY are, and
  • Where YOU are

must be examined to determine the actual cost of shipping. Rest assured, the rate will be the lowest possible! To save the cost of shipping you can even pick your order up if you are local to our offices in Oakville.

Lets take paper rolls, for example:

We select one of 3 shipping companies, depending upon the amount of paper ordered and where its going.

  • If its just 1 box, we use Canada Post Expedited as the least expensive way of sending anything.
  • 2 to 3 boxes will require the use of a courier (like Purolator, Priority Post, or UPS).
  • 4 or more boxes, well have your order shipped directly from our supplier. They select the courier.

Were in the US!

We ship to our US clients from US warehouses! We will ship from one of 8 different partner warehouses located in the USA to fill your order quickly and inexpensively!

Shipping Special!

Earn Shipping Credit each time you purchase paper rolls from us that we ship to you! Find out how to get this credit by clicking here.

For an accurate quote on shipping, call us at 905-849-0947 or email us and well quickly figure the cost for you!

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