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Protect Yourself From Credit Card Data Liability pdf
You’re probably aware of the negative effect a credit card security breach could have on your reputation. But, did you know it could have similarly severe financial repercussions?

The Real Cost Of Inventory- You Can Have Too Much Of A Good Thing pdf
There are three factors that have the biggest impact on inventory and we will discuss each one while giving you some insights into how to address them in order to maximize your inventory investment.

Are Gift Cards Selling For You? pdf
Gift and spending card vendor ValueLink recently released the findings of its fourth annual Consumer Insights Survey. While the statistics it published help establish a fine case for implementing gift cards, experts say you won't have resounding success by just offering them. Effective marketing, they say, is the key to gift card sales

Spyware- What You Need To Know Link goes to Wired Magazine article
“It can turn your system against you, slow your browser to a crawl and inhabit your computer like some grotesque parasite. It can cling to your Windows registry with its grasping mandibles and sucking away its very life. And those are just the side effects of spyware -- those annoying, privacy-invading programs you'll spend the better part of the Thanksgiving holiday removing from your parents' computer.”


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