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Shipping Credit

Current Shipping Credit Rate: 5.0%
Based on the net shipping price before applicable sales taxes

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Paper Rolls Are Heavy!

    1 box of 50 rolls of regular paper rolls, for example, weighs 24 pounds. As a result, they can cost a lot to ship from one of our GTA warehouses to our customers across Canada. So, in order to help with this cost we have created a special discount program:

Shipping Credit!

    Every time we ship Rolls youíll earn a credit of 5% of the shipping cost. Use some or all of this credit to reduce or even eliminate the shipping charges on any future order!


    If you purchase a box of rolls, and it costs $25 to ship, you will have earned $1.25 in Shipping Credit.

    Now, letís say you place a second order at a future date for two boxes that costs $36 to ship (earning you another $1.80 Shipping Credit). The $1.25 earned from the previous order could be used to reduce the shipping cost of the second order. Or, just add it to the $1.25 earned on the first order to give you $3.05 shipping credit for a future order.

Use it or Save it! Itís up to you!

How Do I Get The Shipping Credit?

  • This generous credit system is not automatic. You must enroll to get the Shipping Credit!

How Do I Enroll To Get The Shipping Credit?

    Email us and ask. Include your companyís name, too! Thatís all! Your enrollment takes effect immediately after we receive your email request.

For more information, call us at 905-849-0947, Monday to Friday, 9:30am to 5:00pm. Or email us at

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